CHS Winter Speaker Series

Our Living Landscape: Native Plant Regeneration

Four highly qualified and experienced speakers present this series of stimulating talks culminating in the M J Barnett Memorial Lecture on Thursday 16 August.

The Winter Speaker Series 2018 venue is the Harcourts Grenadier Auction Rooms, 98 Moorhouse Avenue.
There is plenty of parking available. The talks starts promptly at 7pm.






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$5 per talk for CHS members and students, $10 per talk for non-members.

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Thursday 12 July 7pm
Steve Bush

Steve Bush : Thursday 12 July 7pm
Steve Bush : Thursday 12 July 7pm
Price: $10.00

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Trees for Canterbury, More than just a nursery for plants!

Steve will talk about what Trees for Canterbury have done and where they are at today, including what they do other than just growing native plants.

Steve is the manager of Trees for Canterbury and has been there for 26 years.  He is married (twice to the same woman) and has a beautiful daughter who will soon turn 18. He is passionate about Trees for Canterbury, his family and building a better, safer and more inclusive community.  His hobbies include Mountain Biking, supporting local rugby and he loves a real Batch brewed craft beer.

Thursday 16 August 7pm

MJ Barnett Memorial Lecture

The M J Barnett Memorial Lecture is conducted by the Canterbury Horticultural Society in honour of the memory of the late Mr M J Barnett, Director of the Christchurch Botanic Gardens for over 30 years.

Jason Butt

Jason Butt : Thursday 16 August 7pm
Jason Butt : Thursday 16 August 7pm
Price: $10.00

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Don’t Panic! It’s Only Nature.

The regeneration of ecosystems – a Canterbury perspective.

Nature has been building up ecosystems and tearing them down again since the first organisms organised themselves into ecosystems. These processes are occurring at a much-accelerated pace giving species little time to adapt. This is compounded by a massively accelerated migration of species.

Indigenous ecosystem regeneration happens whether we like it or not. Many of us have no idea it is happening. Jason will be talking about some of the forms it takes and will be covering some of the less obvious ecosystem types – many of which are lost because they are poorly understood or recognised.

Life started for Jason in Christchurch and here he has resided since. His working life started as a stained glass artist, however, following a long gestation, at the age of 30 he decided what he wanted to do when he grew up. It turned out to be much the same as what he did with his time as a child – enjoying the natural world. This took the shape of working for Wai-Ora Forest Landscapes. In addition to managing a business unit that delivered ecological restoration services, he assumed responsibility for collecting the seed for the company’s nursery that produces eco-sourced plants. Currently he works for the Canterbury Regional Council as Biodiversity Officer for the Waimakariri Zone.


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