From Michael Coulter

Autumn is almost over even though some of the trees are still holding onto their leaves but the weather is getting colder and plant growth has slowed down.

As the days are now shorter and colder it takes longer for the garden to dry out so I like to do most of the work in the garden in the afternoon, especially the lawn mowing and weeding as this makes less mess and is cleaner. Mornings are the time that I can spend in the green houses cleaning up after the Summer crops and preparing for the Spring.

Pruning can be started as soon as the plants have lost all their leaves and perennials should be cut back as soon as they have finished flowering.

Chrysanthemums and dahlias can be lifted and put into the green house for preparation for the production of cuttings in the Spring. Indoor plants will need to have their water needs watched as we are now putting on our heaters in the house which can dry out the plants more quickly than expected.

Any shading put on the outside of the green houses in the Summer needs to be removed to let in more light during the Winter. Any plants that are less hardy will need to be protected from the frosts or put inside. It is better to do this before the frosts start, to avoid damage.

This is a good time to think about removing trees or shrubs that may be getting past their best and to give enough time to think about replacements and prepare the ground for new plants later in the Winter or Spring.

In sheltered areas Winter crops and flowers may still be planted and broad beans and garlic may be planted in the vegetable garden.

All hoses and plastic sprinklers should now be stored away for the Winter so that frosts will not damage them.

After all is done take a few days off and go on holiday somewhere warm!
For any gardening queries refer through the month you can consult our online facebook group