Our Monarch Butterfly is under threat and this National Gardening Week Kiwis are being called upon to plant butterfly friendly plants to help save the caterpillars when they hatch in Spring and Summer, and provide nectar for butterflies.

Last year saw a national shortage of Swan plants, the main diet of Monarch caterpillars, causing a large number of the population to be wiped out.

Yates is getting behind the drive to avert a similar crisis this year by giving away various free butterfly friendly seeds including Yates new Butterfly Field Mix seeds between 1st and 14th October. Just register online at www.yates.co.nz/nationalgardeningweek during this time to receive your packet of seeds.

How to Sow Swan Plants from Seed

One of the best ways to make sure you have enough swan plants on hand to feed all those hungry munching Monarch caterpillars is to do a little planning ahead, and grow your own seeds. Plus, swan plant seedlings can be hard to find later in the growing season, particularly if the Monarchs have a bumper year and eat up large!

Download the handy planting guide here or click the image.

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