Monthly Tips & Tasks – June

June brings the end of the growing season with the shortest day about the 20th of the month. We know also that the coldest time of the year will be with us for the next two months.So there is not a lot of gardening to be done other than pruning and cleaning up plus maintenance of the hard landscape areas.We […]

Monthly Tips & Tasks – June 2017

From Michael Coulter The weather has cooled down and we have started to have frosts as the late Autumn, early Winter season arrives. We can now think about those tasks that will need to be done over the next few months, many which we can only do when the fine days allow us to be outside. Cleaning up garden beds, […]

May Plant of the Month – Helleborus Petticoat White Picotee

Helleborus Petticoat White Picotee A new very exciting hellebore hybrid for Oderings in 2017. Bred in England, its delicate maroon-purple edging on the pure white flowers makes for a very attractive and contrasting flower. With limited numbers available, you may want to make your way in store soon to ensure you don’t miss out. Available at all Oderings stores or […]

Monthly Tips & Tasks – August 2015

August in the garden is a month when we can start to think about Spring and the tasks to come. Although the days are noticeably getting longer there is still plenty of cold and frosty weather to come. Many Winter tasks can be completed, like pruning and Winter spraying. Moving deciduous fruit trees and other trees and shrubs should be […]

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