Monthly Tips & Tasks – September

September is the month in which Spring growth really gets going. The Spring bulbs are in full bloom and deciduous plants come into life. The weather is still very changeable and there is always the danger of frosts that can damage new growth; this makes for a very busy time in the garden. Ground preparation for sowing seeds and transplanting […]

Monthly Tips & Tasks – September

June has been a very frustrating month in the garden with little sun and plenty of rain and drizzle. Because of these conditions I have done little in the outside garden but have spent time in the greenhouses doing maintenance and sorting out plants that are past their best. This weather pattern looks as though it may continue for some […]

Monthly Tips & Tasks – October

Early Spring has arrived with the usual changeable weather typical for this time of the year. This year is no different with the challenge of wet ground from the wet Winter just finished and with the soil at field capacity we will need to be careful when working the ground so as not to damage the soil structure. READ MORE

Monthly Tips & Tasks – October

From Michael Coulter Spring is well and truly here. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom and the city is clothed in a kaleidoscope of Spring flowers of all colours and types. We are still in need of rain to get the soil moisture up to a good level for the coming growing season. I have started to water my […]

Monthly Tips & Tasks – September 2016

From Michael Coulter September, the start of the very busy time in the Spring garden. As I write this it is raining, I hope that we get a good amount as we really need some to give the soil a moisture boost to start the season off. I have noticed that some of the Spring flowering plants and bulbs are […]

Monthly Tips & Tasks – September 2015

The end of Winter and the start of Spring is the beginning of the growing season and when work in the garden really determines results for the coming growing season. The old saying, “well begun is half done” can be applied to the garden, so start the season off properly by doing the right tasks at the right time.

September Plant of the Month – Brown Boronia

Spring has sprung and we are so excited we’ve wet our plants! But in all seriousness spring always feels like the season of scents to me, and at the top of this list of the ever popular daffodils and daphne is a must have plant, the brown boronia. These are in full bloom, so you can smell the delicious citrus […]

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