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Judging: Sunday 5 October 2014

Entries may be lodged at any time up to the closing date with the Society’s office. 
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One of the principle objectives of the Canterbury Horticultural Society is to assist home gardeners. With this end in view, garden awards are sponsored by the Society, for various garden classes, which, it is hoped, will allow any home gardener, together with institution and commercial property gardens, to enter the awards. Entries in all awards are open to gardens within CCC boundaries existing prior to the Banks Peninsula amalgamation. There are Spring and Summer Awards.


1. The awards are open to all gardens, private and commercial. 2. The use of artificial flowers is not permitted. 3. Awards will be issued only if the garden has obtained 65% or more of the possible marks obtainable. Awards are made for 5 Star (80% and above), 4 Star Plus (75% to 79%), 4 Star (65% to 74%) and Certificate of Merit (60% to 64%) gardens accordingly. 4. Home Gardens. An entrant who has won an award in classes 1-4 may not enter the same class the succeeding year, but may enter class 5 in that year. 5. Owners of Award-winning gardens are required to allow their gardens to be included in official Canterbury Horticultural Society tours for up to 4 weeks from judging. 6. Entry to award is free. 7. Entrants shall not be eligible to act as judges for classes they have entered. 8. Special awards for home and commercial gardens are available as detailed in the Schedule. NOTE: All entries must state the size of the garden in square metres. This information is available on the rates demand from the Council.



1. McMillan Brown Challenge Award
For properties over 900 square metres
2. Lindsay Russell Challenge Award
For properties 501 square metres to 900 square metres
3. R T Sladen Challenge Award
For properties up to 500 sq m (includes flats and townhouses)
4. Bromley Award
House and garden under 3 years old, irrespective of area.
5. MF Barnett Award
For winners of the previous year’s classes 1 – 4


6. Aoraki Award
Includes Visitor Accommodation, Business, Factory, Schools & Institution gardens. Unrestricted as to area or hired labour.
7. Mason Struthers Award
Retirement Homes



H McD Vincent Challenge Award
For best grown rock and or alpine plants.

Cadian Award
For home gardens. No restriction as to area of garden. All gardens entered in both the Spring and following Summer Awards are eligible. Awarded after the summer awards.


Points for each category 1-5 out of possible 100

1. DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION  (100 points)
Criteria includes: basic design principles such as balance, proportion, unity, harmony (including colour) and with all built elements soundly constructed and/or secured.

*PLANT Material

2. TREES AND SHRUBS (100 points)
Includes: hardwood climbers, fruit trees and bushes.

Includes: perennials, biennials, annuals, bulbs, softwood climbers, vegetables and herbs.

4. GARDEN FLOOR (100 points)
Includes: lawns and ground/cover plants used as a substitute for lawn.

*Criteria (plant material) includes: 
Selection including the use of improved forms/cultivars, quality and maturity of plants.

Note: For garden floor where neither lawn nor ground cover plants are present points may be allocated for other non plant garden floor applications such as paving, pebbles and the like. Criteria includes quality of products used and their practicality in the particular situation.

Criteria includes: Maintenance appropriate to style of garden, general health/vigour of plants including freedom from pests, diseases and disorders, absence of weeds and presentation of garden generally.

Subtotal 500
TOTAL MARKS (Subtotal ÷ 5)  = 100