Christchurch Daffodil Circle Chairman’s Report 2015

We were thrilled to host the South Island NDS National in Woodend. The whole North Canterbury community rose to the support of the event. The quality of show blooms was arguably the best for some years and the atmosphere surrounding the event was most pleasing. Greg and Anita Inwood, Michael and Marion Brown, Aaron Russ as organising team, with significant support from other members of the Daffodil Circle, ensured a smooth running event with an excellent financial return. My thanks to all those who committed so much time to this event.

The show season in Canterbury was most frustrating. In June it looked like the season would be six weeks early yet in September some members had no flowers to enter in the shows. From a personal perspective in the two weeks after the SI National I had some of the best flowers ever seen here. The cold conditions meant that our flowers had deep and intense colouring. To further illustrate the point we were still picking flowers in November.

Only two shows were held in the region this year. Entries in the daffodil section were very low at both shows. This was compensated for by members of the host societies making an effort in other areas of the schedule making colourful shows of high quality flowers and plants.

In the past year

  • David and Carolyn Campbell have had to sell Silva Dell and now live in the city.
  • Phil and Lynn Wild have moved to Waimate
  • David Adams was presented with the award of Outstanding Horticulturalist by the Canterbury Horticultural Society for his work with daffodils
  • June Stevenson and June Chappell passed away
  • Joseph Austin was made head gardener at the Merivale Retirement Village. They gained a silver award in the Spring Garden competitions

Riccarton Horticultural Society Spring Show

Held on the 8th of September this is a show focussed on the local community. Whilst the daffodil section had low entries the other sections ensured that total show entries were up to normal levels.

Canterbury Horticultural Society Spring Show

Held on the 15th and 16th September in conjunction with the New Zealand Alpine Garden Society Show. Whilst the daffodil section had low entries the alpines were magnificent. The cold weather allowed earlier whilst this provided logistical difficulties it exposed our flowers to a different demograph of visitors and proved the value of taking our shows to the community. We are thrilled to see youth and children competing sucessfully in our shows. Fifteen year old Jack Inwood ws awarded Best in Show at the CHS show and eight year old Renee Thom gained best children’s exhibit at both Christchurch and Woodend much to the disgust of her older brother Dillon who also had entries. Photos of the Canterbury Horticultural Society premiers will be available on the CHS website

It has been an honour to have been your chairman. I intend, with the Circle’s approval, to continue to manage the Spring CHS Show

David Adams