The Power of Trees: How ancient forests can save us if we let them

Peter Wohlleben
ISBN: 9781760643621 | $40.00

Power of Trees


The Power of Trees is the follow-up to German forester Peter Wohlleben’s well-loved The Hidden Life of Trees. With passion and wonder, Wohlleben takes us on a journey into the science, beauty, function, and tenuous future of ancient forests. He argues that we must understand forests as more than just a collection of trees, diving deep into the complex ecosystems of ancient forests, and exploring their role in cooling their environments. The Power of Trees is a sobering critique of current forestry management practices, and a compelling argument for leaving ancient forests alone to let them thrive, and provide the planet with the help it needs.

Full of fascinating insights, and backed with well-researched, clearly communicated science, The Power of Trees is a must-read for anyone who recognises the specific magic of being in a wild and ancient forest, and wants to learn more about trees and their function in a warming climate. While not necessarily an easy read, it is an important one - and one you’ll want to pass on to the gardeners, growers, and nature-enthusiasts in your life as soon as you reach the last page.

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