‘New Zealand Gardens to Visit

Juliet Nicholas & Rosemary Barraclough
9780143776086 |  $55.00

New Zealand Gardens to Visit


This is a gorgeous, large, lush and detailed guide to gardens across the country that are open for visitors. Moving from north to south, and covering 50 gardens in total, this book spans a wide variety of styles, exploring the great diversity of gardens we have here in Aotearoa. Both Juliet Nicholas (photos) and Rosemary Barraclough (words) are celebrated and award-winning creatives, whose work has appeared in NZ House & Garden for many years.

In New Zealand Gardens to Visit, they capture the essence of the incredible spaces they visit, through awe-inspiring photos and detailed, practical and personal descriptions – so whether you’re planning a trip to visit these gardens in person, or prefer to travel to them via your armchair, this book will serve you well.

Thanks to Scorpio Books for this review.