Monthly Tips & Tasks May 2014

Flower Garden Carry on with bulb planting. Remember many bulbs do just as well in pots. Plant Spring flowering plants such as polyanthus, primulas, pansies, poppies and forget-me-nots. Lift dahlias and begonias after frosts, cut back the tops and store in a cool dark place. Cut back by about 1/3 chrysanthemums as the flowers finish. Rake up leaves off paths […]

Fruit & Vegetable Garden Time to plant winter veggies like cabbages, cauliflowers and broccoli. Any ground that is going to be vacant you can think about putting a green crop in – lupins, barley and mustard all help to improve the soil structure. Keep picking tomatoes and removing lower leaves to encourage fruit to ripen. Fruit Trees – after harvesting […]

Great weather.  Been looking on the computer.Rainfall been below normal and well below normal across most of the South Island.  Temperatures were above average throughout most of New Zealand.  Had a few winds. Of the main centres, Auckland was the warmest, Dunedin the coolest,  Wellington the wettest and Tauranga was the sunniest.  Christchurch was the cloudiest of the main centres.  […]

My first day in shorts.  It has been a marvelous spring.  Things are earlier than usual. Don’t go putting in warm loving plants just yet.  Put tomatoes in a warm corner, but not outside.  It’s still too early.  The nor’ easter is a most limiting wind. The NIWA weather outlook: September 2013 was characterised by much lower pressures than normal around […]

September – All About Gardening With Michael Coulter You know its springtime….the body starts to seize up. Meant to get a Southerly last night but I think it took a detour. Typical Canterbury weather.  Warmest August on record for New Zealand. Record high August mean temperatures recorded throughout N.Z.  This made the warmest August on record since 1909. In August […]

JULY  –  ALL ABOUT GARDENING With Michael Coulter Overall, temperatures for winter 2013 are likely to be above average, with warmer temperatures in Canterbury.   However, don’t be fooled, as frosts, cold snaps and even snow conditions should be expected in many areas from time to time.  That’s just typical of winter.  We have had a lot of rain, but the […]

MAY 2013 ALL ABOUT GARDENING With Alan Jolliffe Michael is away on chrysanthemum duties so I’m in the hot seat this month. The only reason I have a laptop with me is that I’ve left my papers at home. In your garden  – autumn.   ‘What a mess’ This is the time to think…….what did I like in the garden last year?  […]

It’s been a darn good summer and tested  us as gardeners.  Extremely sunny across New Zealand.  The combination of northwest winds and the ‘blocking high’ resulted in record January sunshine across the eastern South Island. Temperatures were above average. Of the six main centres in January 2013, Auckland was the warmest, Dunedin the coolest, Wellington the wettest and Tauranga the […]

With Michael Coulter How’s your Spring? It has been a traditional hot/cold start to spring.  It was predicted. It was relatively stormy October, with more frequent southwest winds and lower pressures than usual affecting New Zealand.  These south-westerly winds produced a rather cool October for the south and the west of the South Island. Of  the six main centres in […]

August – All About Gardening With  Michael  Coulter It was good to see a book on New Zealand’s Native Trees was crowned New Zealand Post Book of the Year at a recent gala dinner in Auckland.  Seven years work, more than 100,000 four-wheel drive kilometres and countless hours walking in dense forest paid off for two Wellington writers. New Zealand’s […]

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