Monthly Tips & Tasks May 2016

May is the busy month of the Autumn as Winter approaches there are many tasks in the garden to be completed before the cold weather arrives. Leaves need to be collected and made into compost. Paths kept clean and treated for moss and lawns repaired and treated for weeds. The planting of Spring bulbs and lillies should be completed and […]

Monthly Tips & Tasks – December 2015

From Michael Coulter December, the beginning of Summer and all those flowers, fruit and vegetables to grow and harvest. We are well behind on our rain fall and the ground is very dry so we need to manage our watering well to ensure that our garden will produce good results. Mulching will become more important especially around the shrub boarder […]

Monthly Tips & Tasks – November 2015

From Michael Coulter November is one of the really busy times in the garden as it is the end of Spring and the start of Summer. With the warmer and longer days plants and weeds grow at a very rapid rate as do many of the pests and diseases that will attack them. The weather has a very big influence […]

Monthly Tips & Tasks – September 2015

The end of Winter and the start of Spring is the beginning of the growing season and when work in the garden really determines results for the coming growing season. The old saying, “well begun is half done” can be applied to the garden, so start the season off properly by doing the right tasks at the right time.

Monthly Tips & Tasks – August 2015

August in the garden is a month when we can start to think about Spring and the tasks to come. Although the days are noticeably getting longer there is still plenty of cold and frosty weather to come. Many Winter tasks can be completed, like pruning and Winter spraying. Moving deciduous fruit trees and other trees and shrubs should be […]

Monthly Tips & Tasks – May 2015

May is the start of many tasks around the garden to prepare for the coming Winter. With shorter days gardening time is reduced but do remember to keep your Winter garden safe. Treat paths and decks for moss and keep leaves off drives and paths where they may become a hazard, especially when wet. Cut back the branches of overhanging […]

Monthly Tips & Tasks – April 2015

Michael Coulter’s Top Tasks April is a busy month in the garden with the start of Autumn and cooler nights mean that we must get ready for the coming Winter. The Summer annuals are at the end of their flowering season so they need to be removed and the ground worked over and rested before planting Spring flowering plants. Harvest […]

Monthly Tips & Tasks January 2015

Michael Coulter’s Top Tasks January is the month of many tasks in the garden. To keep plants healthy and in full production it is important to have a regular schedule of work that involves weeding, watering, harvesting and replanting for a continual supply or fruit, vegetables and flowers. It is better to try and have any tasks completed before about […]

Monthly Tips & Tasks November 2014

As I write this it is Labour weekend, the time that we gardeners start to plant the warmer loving plants in our vegetable and flower gardens. The weather will still be changeable so we need to watch out for any late frosts on our more tender plants. We have had little rain and the ground is getting dry so we […]

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