Spring has finally arrived albeit about 10 days late. We are still behind on rainfall and the risk of frosts is still with us so we need to approach the season with some caution and patience. October is one of the very busy times in the garden as much of what we do now determines the success we will have this growing season. Don’t attempt to plant all your vegetable garden now however as you’ll end up with too much produce at one time! Hold off planting warm loving plants until late Spring or early Summer, when the weather is much more settled. This applies as much to the vegetable garden as it does to the flower garden.


Flower Garden

  1. Keep the water and feed up on Spring bulbs.
  2. Prune all flowering trees and shrubs after flowering to promote growth for next season.
  3. Watch for aphids and fungus disease on roses and other plants and treat as needed.
  4. Hostas are coming into growth so slug control is needed to stop holes in the leaves.
  5. Bedding plants may be planted now to add colour around the garden.
  6. Perennial plants are moving into rapid growth so put in support stakes before they are needed.
  7. Plant dahlias and chrysanthemums now.
  8. Warmer loving plants like begonias may be planted later in the month but it may be better to wait until next month.




  1. Fertilise now just before rain or water in.
  2. Mow every week but not too low while the grass is growing fast.
  3. Spray for weeds 2/3 days after mowing. Do not compost the clippings or use as a mulch.
  4. Low spots in the lawn can be top dressed and over sown while rapid growth is expected.
  5. New lawns should be sown now to give time for good growth before the heat of Summer slows down the growth.[/one_third]


Vegetable Garden

  1. Remove the last Winter crops before they go to seed.
  2. Sow long term crops such as onions, carrots, parsnips, potatoes, leeks etc.
  3. Plant leaf crops – cabbage, lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli etc. Plant six of each every 3/4 weeks to get a constant supply.
  4. Prepare the ground for warm loving plants like tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and members of the pumpkin family.
  5. At the end of the month beans can be sown when the soil is warmer.
  6. After fruit trees have finished flowering they can be sprayed for pests and fungus diseases.