From Michael Coulter

In May we are well into Autumn and Winter is about to start. This means that we will slow down on what we need to do around the garden.

Most of the work involves general maintenance and cleaning up, in and around the garden by removing weeds, crop residues, lifting Summer perennials and bulbs and preparing ground for new plantings later in the Spring.

Winter is the time that we do much of our pruning to deciduous trees and shrubs so now is the time to sharpen and prepare the tools needed for this.

The compost heap made with fallen leaves and other green material will need to be turned and protected from the cold and wet rain so that it will break down quickly and be ready for use in the Spring.

Garlic and broad beans can be planted as and when ground conditions allow but only do so if the soil is workable. A lot of the weeds that can choke young plants will grow fast with the cooler damp conditions that we get at this time of the year so remove them when they are small rather than hoeing and hoping that they will dry off and die.

Lawns will need fewer mowings so only mow to keep them looking tidy and do not cut too low and catch the clippings.

In the greenhouse remove crop residues as they finish and clean and wash down the inside and do any repairs that may be needed.

Good gardening

For any gardening queries refer through the month you can consult our online facebook group