From Michael Coulter

Autumn is really with us the weather as been wet and windy which has effected the plants in our gardens causing an early end to some of our crops and also some damage to trees and shrubs.Repair damaged branches to trees and shrubs by cutting back to healthy branches close to a strong stem.

As leaves fall on pathways clear them off especially if it is wet as they can make paths slippery, also treat any moss on the paths for the same reason. The ground is now very moist but still warm, ideal for weeds to grow and good for grass germination this tells us to keep on top of the weeds, repair or sow lawns before the Winter weather gets too cold.

Caterpillars are attacking some of my Winter brassicas to get a return I need to spray them with success. Now is a good time to check on the soil PH to see if there is a need for an application of lime in the winter (a PH of 6.5 is ideal for the vegetable garden). I tested mine and found that the PH was too low in most of my raised beds which told me why I was disappointed with some of my vegetables this season. Collect the leaves and incorporate with other garden waste to make good compost to dig in the gardens in the Spring.

For any gardening queries or advice throughout the month refer to our online facebook group which will be monitored over that time.



  1. Catch grass and mow each week until the grass stops growing
  2. Treat for weeds
  3. Remove thatch by raking up the thick growth
  4. Feed and treat for moss
  5. Keep fallen leaves off the grass, remove before mowing is usually enough



Fruit & Vegetable Garden

  1. Harvest the last of the apple and pears
  2. Treat stone fruit with copper sprays for fungal diseases
  3. Prune raspberries, gooseberries and black currents
  4. Sow green crops on bare ground
  5. Prepare soil for new strawberry plants
  6. Remove any diseased tomato plants and dispose them do not compost
  7. Sow Broad beans



Flower Garden

  1. Remove the last of the summer annuals
  2. Plant the last of the spring bulbs
  3. Spring annuals can still be planted
  4. Cut back perennials as they finish flowering
  5. Tack cuttings of geraniums/pelargoniums before the frosts start
  6.  Trim back any summer growth from trees or shrubs that over hang paths,drives,door ways or windows
  7. Lift dahlia tubers once the tops have died off and store in a cool dry place.
  8. Lift gladiola bulbs dry off and store.