June is the start of Winter, the last of the leaves have fallen and lawns and most plants have stopped growing.  Much of the work around the garden is about protecting plants from the cold weather, this means moving any pots of tender plants into areas that are protected from the frosts, cold winds and rain. Not everyone will have a greenhouse or conservatory so under the eaves of the house facing the north or on a covered patio will do just as well. Those plants in the ground may need to be covered with frost cloth or similar, this needs to be well secured from strong winds so that the plants are well protected after Winter storms that are often followed by a hard frost.

On any of the nice warm sunny days that we get in Winter, that is the time to treat the fruit trees, weed the garden and plant garlic, sow broad beans and generally have a good tidy up.

Unless there is a lot of growth lawns should not need to be cut. If they look too untidy then give them a cut with the mower set very high just topping the long tips of the grass.

Pruning of fruit trees and other plants may be started during this month but there is no hurry yet.

In the greenhouse the last of the Summer crops should be removed and the inside should have a good clean up and wash down. Remove any shading from the outside so that the greenhouse is ready for next seasons plants.

Pots or containers that have been used to grow plants in should be washed clean before they are used again.

The compost heap needs to be turned to keep the decomposition even and active, it must also be kept out of the cold rain, I cover mine with black plastic sheets.

On those cold wet days stay inside and look at plant and seed catalogues to get some ideas for next season.