Summer is a real mixed bag of weather with some hot days and then some quite cool days, still not much rain and plenty of wind. Many of the early Spring sown or planted crops are now finished so they can be pulled out and the ground prepared for the planting of Winter crops. Leeks, brassicas and lettuce can be planted to give a constant supply.

I have noticed that my fruit trees have a good crop and they have also made a lot of growth so a Summer prune to allow light in on the fruit to help with colour and ripening will need to be carried out now. Now is also the time to give those plants prone to thrips a spray to avoid the leaves getting damaged.

The ground is still very dry so good deep watering is needed about once a week to keep the plants in good condition. Keep up the water on the citrus plants to ensure the development of the fruit. Dead head the spent flowers on annuals and roses to encourage more flowers to develop. Tomatoes are starting to ripen so remove lower leaves to help them to colour up and look out for any pests that may attack them and take control measures if needed.

[one_third] Lawns

  1. Cut lawns each week but not too low.
  2. Water each week.
  3. Lawns will need to be fed to keep them growing. [/one_third]

[one_third] Flower Garden

  1. Keep the weeds out by regular hoeing in the morning.
  2. Deep water once a week and leave plants dry by the evening.
  3. Prune back roses once flowers have finished to encourage later flowers.
  4. Dead head perennials and plants like agapanthus so that they do not seed and become a pest.
  5. Pinch back annuals to help keep them compact.
  6. Put in supports around taller plants before they get too tall to keep them tidy.
  7. Prune back any growth on trees that are growing over paths or in areas where they are a problem.[/one_third]

[one_third_last]Fruit & Vegetable Garden

  1. Transplant seedlings in the cooler evening to reduce stress on the plants.
  2. Summer prune fruit trees of excessive growth to let in more light.
  3. Prune gooseberries, currants and stone fruit as soon as harvest is finished. You might like to watch this short video
  4. Keep water and fertiliser up on strawberries to keep them cropping.
  5. Wait for garlic tops to fall over then lift them and let them dry off on top of the soil.
  6. Plant leeks and give them plenty of fertiliser.
  7. Keep weeds down by regular hoeing.
  8. Spray brassicas for white butterfly especially new plantings. [/one_third_last]