Geraldine-based floral artists Gislinde Folkerts and Annette Waller demonstrated their creativity and flair to over 200 well-dressed guests in the Horticultural Centre. Enhanced by wine, music and a walk-though of the creations by assistants Sarah Folkerts and Polly Hill, the demonstration of “floral designs for that special occasion” was well received by the audience. Congratulations are due to CHS Board Member Ray King and her hardworking Horticultural Events Committee.



Margaret Watling Demonstration- Best dressed man and woman competition – an apology

The CHS acknowledges that it made an error of judgment in the eligibility criteria that were used in the Best Dressed Man & Woman competition at the Margaret Watling Demonstration on 20 May. It is normal practice to exclude Board members, staff, and their relatives from participating in such competitions. The CHS regrets that it did not observe this protocol and apologises unreservedly to anyone attending the event who was upset by this oversight.