Recognising Edible Gardens in the Lyttelton/Mt Herbert Area

Nominations close Friday 21 February 2014

Growing food is good for so many reasons. The produce is cheap, nutritious and delicious. Gardening is good exercise out in the fresh air, and when we are successful we enjoy great satisfaction. Not having to drive into town to buy food trucked or flown in from miles away saves money and fuel, reducing our carbon footprint, and helping to save the world from global warming. Gardening together or sharing what we have learned builds relationships and strengthens community. And as we realised after the earthquakes, having food supplies close to hand makes us much less vulnerable when disaster strikes.

For all these reasons Lyttelton/Mt Herbert Community Board wants to acknowledge and celebrate edible gardening happening all around Lyttelton Harbour and in Port Levy. We are aware of some exciting new community initiatives and know of many gardeners who have been successfully growing vegetables and other foods since long before it became trendy. And we suspect there may be a lot of edible gardening going on which we don’t yet know about.

Our new Edible Garden Award, developed in association with the Canterbury Horticultural Society, aims to recognise and reward all those contributing to community resilience by growing food. This is not a competition, it is a celebration of all that is good about growing food. We urge you to nominate yourself or your neighbour or your community organisation and be part of the celebration.
Paula Smith
Lyttelton/Mt Herbert Community Board Chair

The Canterbury Horticultural Society endorses the Lyttelton/Mt Herbert Community Board for implementing its first Edible Garden Awards. To plant seeds and grow vegetables and fruit successfully is to have the knowledge to feed yourself. In today’s world growing what you eat allows for you to know what you are eating, caring for body and mind.

Elizabeth Peacock
President, Canterbury Horticultural Society



  • Residential House, Bach or Farmhouse
  • Residential Unit
  • School/Early Childhood Centre
  • Community

Assessment Criteria

  • Variety and range of plants
  • Quality and general health of plants
  • Freedom from pests/disorders/diseases
  • General presentation
  • Absence of weeds, particularly noxious
  • Innovation (use of available space)
  • Use of walls, raised beds, containers
  • Use of beneficials (flowers, herbs, companion planting)
  • Design considerations
  • Organic aspects (conversion of waste etc)
  • Crop rotation, planning



Assessment Panel

Assessments will be undertaken by members of the Canterbury Horticultural Society

Conditions of Entry

  1. Entry is free and open to any individual, group, or organisation within the Lyttelton/Mt Herbert area only.
  2. All entrants allow the organisers to publish their name and photographs in print and electronic media, including flyers and promotional material.
  3. Entrants grant the panel permission to enter their property for assessment at a mutually convenient time. Garden visits by the assessment panel will take place during the week commencing 17 March 2014. Gardeners are encouraged to be present to talk with the panel.
  4. The panel’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  5. Entrants are invited to attend a ceremony to be held in April.

Download the Entry Form here