Great enthusiasm for hypertufa!

It was a mild sunny morning on Saturday 10 October when 12 willing participants arrived at Magic Moss in Truro Street, Sumner carrying rubber gloves, gumboots and boxes of varying shapes and sizes.

They were warmly welcomed by Allan who introduced Tim, his partner at Magic Moss, and Doug who was to be his hypertufa manufacturing assistant. Once Allan had explained the process the practical session began with full cooperation and much enthusiasm as boxes were lined, filled with the blend from the concrete mixers operated by Allan and Doug and then set aside to cure – Allan provided everyone with copies of detailed recipes and instructions.

Hypertufa and Sphagnum Moss

While the pots were being made Tim was busy demonstrating how to assemble delightful terrariums using a variety of containers into which he planted various mosses, lichens and even a stunning little orchid on a small branch. Allan took the group through the different stages of harvesting sphagnum moss and preparing it for the market. Hanging baskets are one of the ways people use the product so Allan showed the very slick successful method he has perfected.

Finally Doug reconstructed his large hypertufa container. He explained how to arrange rocks and plant alpines into hypertufa so everyone went away with clear understandings of the whole story of hypertufa pots.

In conclusion everyone showed their gratitude to Allan, Tim and Doug for a superb practical workshop greatly enjoyed by all.