New Ideas Wanted!

“Innovate or perish” has been a maxim of the business world in the 21st century as the forces of globalisation and digitalisation ramped up the pace of change and the pressure on all organisations, public or private, profit-focused or community-focused.

The CHS is no exception to these pressures and the challenge is on for us to find new ways of stimulating a wider and more active participation in horticultural matters, and to make us relevant to modern day society.

Brainstorming is a common technique used to generate new ideas but it is very difficult to brainstorm by oneself as it is the ideas of others that act as the stimulus for some genuinely creative thinking. Why not get together with other members or maybe some friends or family members and have a brainstorming session? A key to a successful brainstorm is to change the group’s mode of thinking from the usual logical, sequenced, linear method to the lateral, non-sequenced approach popularised by Edward De Bono in the 1970’s. A classic illustration of the power of lateral thinking was Barnes Wallis’ spinning & bouncing bombs used by the Dambusters in World War 2. Another example was Laennec’s development of the stethoscope after he’d observed two boys at either end of a seesaw, one tapping, the other listening.

Closer to our patch how about edible bus stops?  Click on and let this be a catalyst for an avalanche of creative ideas for the CHS to pursue!