Houseplants and Design: A New Zealand Guide
Liz Carlson
9781991006110 |  $45.00

Houseplants and Design


This book is an accessible, detailed, and beautiful guide to houseplants and their many benefits, from Lyttelton-based writer Liz Carlson. The photography in this book is outstanding, with a combination of detailed images of a huge variety of specimens alongside inspirational photos of everyday New Zealanders and the green spaces they’ve cultivated. Carlson is an engaging writer, and her knowledge of houseplants and their specific needs is deep as well as broad, honed with the experience of owning and running NODE, a gorgeous houseplant store on Lyttelton’s London Street.

She writes candidly about the many benefits of caring for plants, especially at times when life was a real struggle. As well as advice on caring for plants, the book includes a wealth of advice on interior design, and the impact of well-placed houseplants on the overall feel of a space.

Growing houseplants is often a first step toward a life-long passion for gardening, and for people who are time-poor, or living in apartments, rentals, or homes without access to gardens, they are often the only option. This book would make the perfect gift for those just starting out on their gardening journey, and is a great read for anyone who wants more greenery in their home. A stunning and inspiring book – I highly recommend it.

Many thanks to Ray from Scorpio Books for this review.