The name of this club shall be the                                         Garden Club.


  • The Club must be affiliated to the Canterbury Horticultural Society (the “Society”).
  • The Club shall pay to the Society an annual affiliation fee as set by the Society.

The Society will:

  • Supply the Club with a copy of the regular Newsletter by email.
  • Publish items of interest in/on the newsletter, website or social media that Clubs provide.
  • Assist with providing or advising on speakers.
  • Provide other benefits as the Society may agree.


The object of the Club is to promote and stimulate an interest in all aspects of gardening, horticulture and associated activities and pursuits.

The activities of the Club will include:

  • Organize talks, demonstrations, displays and other activities for the benefit of members.
  • To encourage interest in and appreciation of horticultural pursuits through participation in horticultural events including the society’s events.
  • To support activities of the Society.
  • The Club shall have the right to provide a representative (either the President or the President’s nominee) to the Garden Clubs’ Representatives Sub- Committee monthly meeting.


  • The officers shall be a President, Vice-President, Immediate Past President, Secretary and Treasurer (these two offices may be combined).
  • Where no President can be elected, the Chair may be shared between members of the Committee or any financial member of the Club.
  • A committee of no less than 4 additional members elected at the Annual Meeting shall form the Committee.
  • Patron may be created at the Annual Meeting at the Club’s discretion.
  • The Officers shall be elected at the Annual Meeting.
  • Written nomination for the Officers to be in the hands of the Secretary seven clear days before the date of the Annual Meeting.
  • Further nominations may be accepted from the floor at the Annual Meeting.
  • Nominations shall be signed by two members and signed by the member nominated indicating that the member is willing to serve.
  • No member may nominate more than two members for the Committee
  • No member may occupy the office of President for more than two years in succession except under special circumstances. This will generally only be when there is no suitable person available to fill the office of President for the ensuing year.
  • The vacancies which occur during the year may be filled by the Committee.
  • The Committee shall have charge of all the affairs of the Club, financial and otherwise, and arrange everything connected with the meetings.


  • A person eligible for membership should have an interest in gardening and plants.
  • The Committee may confer the Honorary Life Membership on any member who has rendered exceptional service. Such a member shall not be required to pay an annual subscription but shall enjoy all the privileges of membership.
  • An Honorary Life Member of one Club moving to another may become a full member of a Garden Club.
  • Persons belonging to more than one Garden Club can only have full membership at one club which club he/she will represent at Canterbury Horticultural Society Events.

Annual Meeting:

  • The Annual Meeting shall be in May or June.
  • Annual Meeting or Special General Meeting 30% or more of the financial members must be present
  • A Presidents report and Financial report must be presented.
  • The annual subscription shall be set at the AGM on recommendation from the Committee.

Club Meetings:

  • In general, meetings shall be held once a month, the day of the month and the time of the day to be decided upon by the Committee
  • The committee shall determine the procedure at these meetings.

Committee quorum:

  • Four members of the Committee must be present


  • No alteration or amendment to the Constitution may be made, except through the Canterbury Horticultural Society.
  • Any Club desiring such, must before submitting same to the Canterbury Horticultural Society in consultation with the Garden Clubs Representative’s and Affiliated Clubs have it approved by a two-thirds majority of the members present at a general meeting
  • Notice to discuss the suggested alteration having been given in writing at a previous monthly meeting.


August 2015