Spring into Darfield 23 September

A warm atmosphere and the enthusiasm of 48 keen gardeners countered the unfortunate weather experienced throughout this day tour to Darfield.

On our arrival at our first garden “Taradale” we were met by owner Annette Millar and welcomed into her home for a delicious “farm baked” morning tea and then a walk around her garden which she has been developing over the last 3 years since her retirement from Peak Hill at the top of Lake Coleridge. Annette was excited and thrilled to host us in her new surroundings.

Our next stop was at Ina Phillips large garden in Stott Road Darfield.  The garden was a delightful mixture of native and traditional plantings, highlighted with the Spring colours of bulbs and expansive shaped lawns.

We continued on to the well known homestead of “Gunyah” where we were welcomed by Simonetta Ferarri and hosted to lunch in historic formal settings in front of large open fires. Simonetta gave an informative talk on the long and interesting history of “Gunyah”  and its previous owners.

Our last garden for the day was that of Tish Ballagh in the Windwhistle area.  The garden was a treat of quirkiness and informality with all manner of fun objects dotted around – an expression of Tish’s love of the garden, her personality and humour.

The much needed rain continued to come down.

We enjoyed a brief stop at “Carols Gift Shop and Nursery” in Darfield before heading home after a wet, but most enjoyable day.