Monthly Tips & Tasks May 2014

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Flower Garden Carry on with bulb planting. Remember many bulbs do just as well in pots. Plant Spring flowering plants such as polyanthus, primulas, pansies, poppies and forget-me-nots. Lift dahlias and begonias after frosts, cut back the tops and store in a cool dark place. Cut back by about 1/3 chrysanthemums as the flowers finish. … Read More

Monthly Tips & Tasks January 2013

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It’s been a darn good summer and tested  us as gardeners.  Extremely sunny across New Zealand.  The combination of northwest winds and the ‘blocking high’ resulted in record January sunshine across the eastern South Island. Temperatures were above average. Of the six main centres in January 2013, Auckland was the warmest, Dunedin the coolest, Wellington … Read More

Magnolia Campbell

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Each spring the first Magnolia to flower is Magnolia campbelli. It is a stately tree suitable for slightly larger gardens and well worth growing. This deciduous Himalayan species eventually grows 24 m tall with a 12 m wide crown in the right conditions and there are few this size in NZ, usually they are a … Read More

Heleborus orientalis

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One of the most interesting and popular plants for Winter colour is Heleborus orientalis or Lenton Rose. In recent years both in New Zealand and overseas plant breeding programmes have created new and named cultures of beautiful plants. Flowering in later in winter they send upright stems up through the old leaves. The slightly nodding … Read More


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Spring would not be spring without Forsythia. Forsythias grow well in almost any garden soil and are very hardy. They do need a lot of sun to ensure they flower well in spring. Each spring the Forsythia is one of the first and most colour flowering shrubs to welcome the new growing season. Its bright … Read More