Networks are important for institutions to be involved with, and the Christchurch Botanic Gardens are members of several professional organisations.

The Botanic Gardens Australia and New Zealand Inc (BGANZ) is the principal body representing the interests of botanic gardens in Australia and New Zealand.

The aims of BGANZ include:

  • Providing a forum for information exchange and coordinated planning;
  • Fostering best-practice standards
  • Advocating for the interests of Australian and NZ botanic gardens;
  • Providing policy and legislative advice
  • Advocating plant conservation, fostering plant sciences and social and cultural heritage programs
  • Building and maintaining links with relevant national/international bodies.

In October Dunedin Botanic Gardens is host for both the BGANZ and the Botanic Gardens Conservation International, BGCI world congress, with topics from sustainability and climate change, biodiversity conservation, ecosystem restoration, and plant collections management, to community wellbeing, social relevance, industry innovation and education.