Meetings & Contacts

Meetings take place once a month on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 1pm
The group meet at The Kiosk in the Christchurch Botanic Gardens

Ray King
Tel: 341 1154
Mob: 021 037 0675

Please bring your own foliage and flowers to each workshop, some will be there to use for those that are unable to do this. Also bring pen and notebook, as there will be lessons each week.


Currently the group is studying the upright styles of Ikebana under the tutoring of Ray King.

2024 Programme

  • February 21 : Theme What’s in your garden?
    • We will revise the use of a Kensan (pinholder).
    • Container: a flat-bottomed dish such as a lasagne dish.
    • A Kensan/pinholder.
    • Branch material- the main branch will need to be twice the
      height of the widest part of your container and at least as thick as your
      middle finger. The secondary branch should be ¾ of the main branch.
    • Flowers-3 or 5 flowers with sturdy stems; dahlias, roses,
      daisies or gerberas are good but the stems must be able to hold the
      flower heads up firmly.
    • Additional leaves and/or smallish flowers for fillers.
  • March 20 : Theme- Mass and Line
    • We will revise the use of crossbars in a tall container.
  • April 17 : Theme-Autumn Colours
    • Revise self-fixing in a tall container.
  • May 15 : Theme- interesting branch material
    • Revise drop-stick fixing method.
  • June 19 : Theme- Using greenery only
    • Try different shaped containers.
  • July 17 : Theme Branches only
    • Revise self-fixing in a flat dish.
  • August 21 : Theme co-ordinating/complimentary colours
    • Using two pinholders in the same container.
  • September 18 : Theme-Contrasting colours
    • Using 2 containers.
  • October 16 : Theme- Let your imagination run wild!
    • Using unconventional material. (Non-plant material)
  • November 20 : Intertwining lines
    • Use of vines.
  • December 18 : Celebratory arrangement
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