August – September 2018


Hi Everybody,
Wasn’t the weather in July lovely. Hard to believe it was the middle of winter. There is a red rhododendron in my front garden that is in full bloom and looks lovely. I have
been busy in my garden trying to get it weeded and tidied before I go away for six weeks in August and September.
Unfortunately I have not managed to get the garden at the Craft Centre finished.
We were all sad to hear that our very long time member Phyl Williams had died. She did a lot of work for the society and always brought a lovely vase of herbs and flowers for the supper
table. (See next N/L. Ed.)
Our June meeting went off well with a lovely “high morning tea” to celebrate 50 years of the Canterbury Herb Society. Plenty of lovely food. Even cucumber sandwiches.

In July we had fun learning about “fudge sticks” and everyone was able to make one for themselves. It is good to learn how other cultures use herbs. I found it very interesting doing the research. Some groups used small feather
fans to move the smoke around and some of these fans were beautiful.

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