Bonsai Curious – Six Week Evening Course


Absorb the ancient Japanese art of Bonsai under the careful tutelage of the Avon Bonsai Society

Thursday Evenings 7pm – 9pm
21 July – 25 August

With comprehensive demonstrations and practical instruction you will discover the history of Bonsai, traditional styles, material selection, propagation methods, wiring techniques and create your own Saikei (planted landscape).

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Thursday Evenings 7 – 9pm
21 July – 25 August

Course Content

Week 1: Definition “what is a bonsai?”

  • Facts about Bonsai
  • History of Bonsai
  • Qualities Required
  • Sources of Inspiration
  • Demonstration

Week 2: Classification of Sizes and Styles

  • What to look for in potential bonsai
  • Sources of Material (trees, wire, soils, pots etc.)
  • Varieties of trees to start with
  • Potting Mixes
  • Group Activity

Week 3: Which tree in which pot?

  • Correct placement in pot
  • Repotting
  • “Direction” in styling
  • Using wire in styling and shaping
  • Group Activity

Week 4: Propagation

  • Seeds
  • Cuttings
  • Layerings
  • Grafting
  • Shortening the time scale
  • Group Activity

Week 5: Insects and Diseases

  • 1 st aid for bonsai, broken branches, dessication etc.
  • Displaying and outside shelter
  • Group Activity

Week 6: Constructing a saikei/cascade


Avon Bonsai Society

 Since the 1990’s the Avon Bonsai Society has been actively sharing its passion for this captivating Japanese art form. It aims to exchange knowledge and experience via monthly club nights, various field trips, weekend workshops, demonstrations from bonsai artists both local and from overseas and occasional visits to other clubs. Enthusiastic club members will work alongside students to support their introduction to the art of Bonsai culture.


  • To combine the spirit of nature with the art of bonsai
  • To exchange bonsai knowledge and experience
  • To further the art of bonsai culture
  • To foster the spirit of bonsai fellowship both nationally and internationally

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The classes are run by Canterbury Horticultural Society at The Kiosk
Christchurch Botanic Gardens | Te Māra Huaota Waipapa
(Just over the Aragh Street footbridge)

Tel: 366 6937


$180 ($225 Non-Members)
Includes light refreshments

Become a Member of the CHS and receive up to 20% off all our courses and workshops.

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21 July – 25 August


7 – 9pm


The Kiosk, Christchurch Botanic Gardens


Members: $180, Non-Members: $225, Course plus CHS Membership: $230


Avon Bonsai Society

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