Oderings Plant of the month New for 2014, the colourful foliage tints of Hebe ‘Rhubarb & Custard’ make a big impression in pots and borders, while the pretty pink flowers add extra impact in summer. The leaf colour of many hebes intensifies in winter, but these pink, cream and green leaves are vivid all year. A show stopper in a […]

Monthly Tips & Tasks November 2014

As I write this it is Labour weekend, the time that we gardeners start to plant the warmer loving plants in our vegetable and flower gardens. The weather will still be changeable so we need to watch out for any late frosts on our more tender plants. We have had little rain and the ground is getting dry so we […]

Fruit & Vegetable Garden Time to plant winter veggies like cabbages, cauliflowers and broccoli. Any ground that is going to be vacant you can think about putting a green crop in – lupins, barley and mustard all help to improve the soil structure. Keep picking tomatoes and removing lower leaves to encourage fruit to ripen. Fruit Trees – after harvesting […]

Great weather.  Been looking on the computer.Rainfall been below normal and well below normal across most of the South Island.  Temperatures were above average throughout most of New Zealand.  Had a few winds. Of the main centres, Auckland was the warmest, Dunedin the coolest,  Wellington the wettest and Tauranga was the sunniest.  Christchurch was the cloudiest of the main centres.  […]

It’s been a darn good summer and tested  us as gardeners.  Extremely sunny across New Zealand.  The combination of northwest winds and the ‘blocking high’ resulted in record January sunshine across the eastern South Island. Temperatures were above average. Of the six main centres in January 2013, Auckland was the warmest, Dunedin the coolest, Wellington the wettest and Tauranga the […]


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