Monthly Tips & Tasks – November

From Michael Coulter Spring weather has at last given us some rain so the top soil now has some good moisture but the sub soil is still dry, this means that we will still have to water our gardens to keep the moisture up where the plants are growing. The warmer temperatures plus humidity from the rain will give ideal […]

So you think you don’t need to fertilise…?  Think again. Independent growing trials* were recently carried out on Yates new range of Thrive fertilisers over an eight week period.   One plant received just water and the other plant received Thrive Natural Fish and Seaweed.  The pictures speak for themselves! Trial Results Fertilisers with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK) are the […]

Monthly Tips & Tasks – December 2015

From Michael Coulter December, the beginning of Summer and all those flowers, fruit and vegetables to grow and harvest. We are well behind on our rain fall and the ground is very dry so we need to manage our watering well to ensure that our garden will produce good results. Mulching will become more important especially around the shrub boarder […]

Monthly Tips & Tasks – November 2015

From Michael Coulter November is one of the really busy times in the garden as it is the end of Spring and the start of Summer. With the warmer and longer days plants and weeds grow at a very rapid rate as do many of the pests and diseases that will attack them. The weather has a very big influence […]

Michael Coulter’s Top Tasks February is one of the busy months of the gardeners’ year, during this time we are harvesting fruit and vegetables, weeding, watering, Summer pruning fruit trees, dead heading flowers and roses and getting the garden ready for the coming Winter. Tree ripened fruit is for me the real highlight at this time of the year, so […]

Monthly Tips & Tasks January 2015

Michael Coulter’s Top Tasks January is the month of many tasks in the garden. To keep plants healthy and in full production it is important to have a regular schedule of work that involves weeding, watering, harvesting and replanting for a continual supply or fruit, vegetables and flowers. It is better to try and have any tasks completed before about […]


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