News from the Fruit & Vege growers

In October’s meeting Alan Jolliffe shared a new product which helps to prevent Codling Moth on apple trees. ‘Bird Proof’, is a non-toxic, tacky repellent gel which can be used to form a repellent band on the tree-trunk which lasts for several seasons. Peter Saunders provided the third instalment of A Visual Guide to Gardening through the Year complete with […]

Monthly Tips & Tasks – December

Early Spring has arrived with the usual changeable weather typical for this time of the year. This year is no different with the challenge of wet ground from the wet Winter just finished and with the soil at field capacity we will need to be careful when working the ground so as not to damage the soil structure. READ MORE

Monthly Tips & Tasks – February

From Michael Coulter January has been a month of real challenges in the garden this Summer with winds, hot days followed by cool days and some rain. Despite this I have had plenty of good growth and fruit to harvest although some plants are running a little later than usual. Much of the work to be done in the garden […]

Monthly Tips & Tasks – December

From Michael Coulter December is the start of the Summer weather and plants are now well into their rapid growth with many of the Spring-planted crops ready for harvest. Many of the pest and diseases that attack our plants will also begin to appear so we will need to take action to mitigate the damage that may be caused by […]


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