The Canterbury Horticultural Society has established a formal sponsorship programme to attract support for its mission of “connecting people to the art, science and practice of gardening and horticulture”.

Sponsors may contribute in either cash (directly or through a discount to CHS members) or kind (ie products or services) or a combination of both over a renewable 1 year period. Cash sponsorships may be paid on a weekly or monthly basis if preferred.

Several levels of sponsorship are available as follows (annual amounts):

  • Principal Sponsor – $25,000 (1 only)
  • Platinum Sponsor – $10,000 (5 only)
  • Gold Sponsor – $5,000 (10 only)
  • Silver Sponsor – $2,500 (10 only)
  • Bronze Sponsor – $1,000 (20 only)
  • Base Sponsor – $500 (unlimited)

A table setting out the benefit package for each of these sponsorship levels can be found below

Details of relevant CHS activities are as follows:

Access to CHS Members

For privacy reasons we cannot give any sponsor direct access to our membership database, however we can send promotional messages via email or our website and face-to- face contact with members can be arranged for certain programmes.

CHS Brochures

Every year we produce several hundred brochures to promote CHS membership, tours, awards and courses etc…

CHS Programmes

Current CHS programmes and activities are:

  • All About Gardening – twice monthly
  • CHS Ramblers – fortnightly
  • Edible Garden Awards
  • HortTalk – Q & A on Facebook Group
  • Tours – a range of tours of a local, regional and international nature
  • Junior Gardeners – monthly
  • Winter Speaker Series
  • Interactive Horticulture Workshops
  • Oderings Schools Garden Show
  • Autumn Garden Show – with CCC Botanic Gardens
  • Annual A&P Show participation
  • Specialist programmes of a one-off nature eg Magic Moss
  • Mid-Winter Feast (fundraiser)
  • MJ Barnett Memorial Address
  • Margaret Watling Demonstration
  • Orchards in Schools (19 in 2018)
  • HortSkills – Courses
  • 360° Christchurch Perimeter Walk
  • Ōtākaro Orchard & Community Food Hub (North Frame Precinct Project)

Monthly Newsletter

Sections available for naming rights sponsorship are:

  • All About Gardening
  • Tours
  • Monthly Tips & Tasks
  • Lead article

For more information on becoming a CHS Sponsor please contact our office by email or telephone: 366 6937