May Plant of the Month – Coprosma Pacific Sunset

Coprosma Pacific Sunset is a striking evergreen plant grown for its vivid red foliage with burgundy/chocolate brown markings. This contrast plant is stunning in pots or the garden and works well in mass plantings. This versatile plant can also be used as a low hedging plant, reaching around 1m tall with an upright mounding habit. The intense colouring of this coprosma make it a real head turner.

December Plant of the Month – Dwarf Italian Lavender

Dwarf Italian Lavender – Joyful Series Introducing the new Dwarf Italian Lavender Joyful series. This lovely wee Lavender stays compact with grey-green foliage topped with deep beautiful flowers. Choose from Joyful Cherub or Joyful Bliss. Very showy in pots or the garden. Available from Oderings Garden Centres

November Plant of the Month – Double Trouble Frosted Ripple Petunia

Odering’s new Petunia, the ‘Double Trouble Frosted Ripple’ is one of their recent European imports, with double the performance and colour of most petunias.  This perennial cascading petunia has ongoing double flowers in a two-toned mixture of rosy-red with white frosted edges. It is a great garden performer – and simply beautiful. Available from Oderings Garden Centres –

September Plant of the Month – Brown Boronia

Spring has sprung and we are so excited we’ve wet our plants! But in all seriousness spring always feels like the season of scents to me, and at the top of this list of the ever popular daffodils and daphne is a must have plant, the brown boronia. These are in full bloom, so you can smell the delicious citrus scent which is quite divine. The flowers are also quite striking with bright yellow insides and a rich brown exterior. Available from Oderings Garden Centres

August Plant of the Month – Fruit & Nut trees

Plant of the month has to be the fruit and nut tree selection which are arriving in Oderings stores daily. This selection includes almonds, apples, apricots, cherries, nashi, figs, nectarine, peaches, pears, plums, plumcot, prune plums and quince. When selecting a fruit tree my advice is to get something a little different. Why you ask? Simple, at supermarkets or fruit and veggie shops you can often purchase the old favourites like royal gala apples, black doris plums or beurre bosc pears, but what about choosing a heritage or different variety which you won’t find in the shops? Heritage fruit trees have flavour galore and there is nothing quite like them and some obscure named apricot may actually be the better choice for your climate than an everyday known variety. Come in and see us for a catalogue with what is available this season, or use the website to do some […]

July Plant of the Month – Helleborus Pukehou Hybrids

This New Zealand hybrid is an evergreen perennial with handsome foliage and upright flowers in bright clean colours ranging from soft apricot to lime to deep black. It has a compact clumping habit and only requires feed and cutting back in early Spring. A great feature for under-planting as it likes moist, shady sites and will respond well to planting under deep-rooted deciduous trees. Available from any Oderings Garden Centre or online from $15 You can see a picture of this lovely plant here

June Plant of the Month – Lilium Regale

Lilium Regale Or should I say Xmas Lily as we commonly know them. The bulbs are sold now until July so that they create the lovely flower and scent we all associate with Christmas. Although you can plant them in the garden if you grow them in pots you can bring them indoors enhancing the smell of Christmas, then plant outside when ready. Delightful! Available online: or from any Oderings Garden Centre

True Flanders Poppy – May 2015 Plant of the Month

True Flanders Poppy became the symbol of remembrance honouring the soldiers who died in wars. Poppy seeds only regrow and flower in turned over soil, so their seeds can lie on the ground for years. In World War I, the soil of the whole Western Front battlefield was churned up and poppies sprouted, grew and blossomed as never before. Covering the graves of those who had been killed in northern France. So in remembrance of our fallen, Oderings are donating 4500 seed packets of ‘Oderings True Flanders Poppies’ worth $3.69 each, which you can purchase for a gold coin donation (or more if you wish). Oderings will donate 100% of these donations to the Returned Services Association in support of veterans as well as ex-service people and their families in need.  

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