FROST-EZE Plant Protector Bags

Weather proof your plants from frost, wind, hail, sleet and snow! Temperature control as low as -13 °C, allows moisture, light and air to penetrate for healthy plants.

FROST-EZE bags are perfect for fruit trees, potted patio plants, hanging baskets, shrubs, tall upright trees, birds and insects. Full cover with drawstring closure these clever bags are reusable, recyclable and even washable! Available in 3 sizes.

Orders over $45 are freight free!

[info]FROST-EZE are offering CHS Members 10% off each purchase and for each item purchased $1 will go back to the CHS as a donation.[/info]

Orders over $45 are freight free!

How to order

Orders can be posted or emailed using this order form

Stock will be available end of mid June)