Partnering with Oderings Garden Centres, BeeGAP is delighted to introduce a wide range of pollination-based products, both bee, bird, butterfly and conservation related, – available in store and online from the 14th of August. From bee habitats and bee baths to bird feeders and butterfly shelters and much, much more, Oderings is excited to offer everything you need to welcome these great pollinators to your place.

Adding to this opportunity, gardeners now have the unique option to purchase live bumble bee colonies or try their hand at raising the wonderfully gentle-natured leafcutter bees – a perfect way to get involved and play your part in a home-grown solution for everyone.

What to know more? Attend the workshop at Oderings on Saturday 12 August at 10.30am to hear a talk from the experts, as well as some great introductory prices. $10 per person. If you can’t make that, Pamela Smith will also be covering the basics at August All About Gardening.

Visit to book tickets

Available at all Oderings stores or online: